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Vilka är fördelarna med vattenfallprojektledning?

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Planning, executing and closing a project requires a variety of skills, but it also necessitates a standard model of practice. Project management methodologies run the gamut but one of the most successful models is known as waterfall project management. In terms of broader project management methodologies, the waterfall method stands out as it is characteristically liner and sequential, meaning it outlines a clear goal for each individual development phase of a project.

waterfall project management

What is Waterfall?

vattenfallsmetoden är en designprocess som bygger på en sekventiell ordning. Den har också kallats "linear-sequential life cycle model" på grund av det sätt på vilket den är formaterad. Precis som när ett vattenfall rinner och rinner nedåt, innebär denna typ av projektledning en rad steg som går in i varandra. Precis som i ett riktigt vattenfall finns det ingen återvändo när en utvecklingsfas är avslutad - projektet går omedelbart vidare till nästa fas.

The success of this model is based on pursuing these steps through the flow of progress. Waterfall project management should adhere to the following phases:

  • Krav: vad som behövs för projektet, inklusive hårdvara och programvara.
  • Analysis: building models, schemas and business rules.
  • Design: utvecklar den arkitektur som krävs för att slutföra projektet.
  • Kodning: integrering och utveckling av all programvara som behövs för uppgiften.
  • Testing: using the interface to identify any bugs or defects.
  • Operations: the implementation, support and maintenance of the system.

These delineated steps are always meant to be followed in sequential order. There are also some variations on the waterfall methodology that can include steps like moving to the previous cycle when bugs are detected, and returning to phase one if the project is not working.

Understanding how project management methodologies work is half the battle. You should also understand the advantages to the model you choose and how to apply it accordingly.

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Why Waterfall?

Although there are a variety of project management methodologies on the market, waterfall stands out for a multitude of reasons.

Easy to Follow

Precis som en karta eller ett fast system är vattenfallsmetoden framgångsrik eftersom den är lätt att följa. Att alltid veta exakt var du befinner dig i projektets livscykel hjälper projektledarna att hålla sig organiserade och hålla processen flytande.

Minimal Management

Since the rules in a waterfall model are so clearly defined, these types of projects are somewhat easy to manage. You simply follow the steps one-by-one until completion. Waterfall works best for projects where the requirements are easily understood and the order is clearly defined.

No Overlapping

Unlike other project management methods, the phases in this type of system never overlap. Design cannot happen until analysis is complete, coding cannot happen until design is complete…and so on and so forth. This makes it easy to follow along through the phases of the project without getting lost in two separate steps.

Final Product

Since the waterfall model is so thorough, chances are your final product will be much more fully formed and complete than other project management methods, like the business agile model. This is because there is an entire step in the process solely committed to finding bugs and errors within the newly designed system. Therefore, products that run through the waterfall method are typically fully debugged when finally released.

Choosing the right type of model to manage a task is really the universal first step to planning a successful project. The waterfall methodology was developed years ago with a clear set of steps and rules to run the tightest ship possible. Understanding the advantages of this type of system and applying the standards accordingly will ensure you develop a successful product every step of the way.

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