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Modern Agile

Published By Hayley Eubanks

Watch this webinar to learn how modern Agile simplifies and streamlines traditional Agile processes while making them sturdier.

About this Webinar

In this webinar, Joshua Kerievsky, CEO of Industrial Logic, urges us to embrace change and stop practicing Agile like it’s 1999. You’ll learn how modern Agile simplifies and streamlines traditional Agile processes while making them sturdier, based on  four overlapping disciplines:

  • Make users awesome
  • Experiment and learn rapidly
  • Deliver value continuously
  • Make safety a prerequiste

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Written by Hayley Eubanks

Hayley Eubanks is a Content Marketing Specialist at Planview, leading content creation and strategy for social media and the Planview blog. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BBA in Marketing with a minor in English.