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Value Stream Management

Like Waze for your software development and delivery?

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Like Waze for your software development and delivery?

Of all of the things I’ve done while at Tasktop, working on webinars has to be my favorite. Every month, I get the chance to work with intelligent people with unique perspectives on software development and delivery to educate and inspire viewers to improve the way their organizations deliver value to customers.

We like to pick topics where we can provide some practical advice and clear up the confusion that often arises when lots of different people start using the same term to mean different things. That’s why our next couple of webinars are going to focus on value streams.

We’ve invited Forrester Senior Analyst, Christopher Condo, to be our guest speaker to help us define Value Stream Management and answer some of the common questions, including:

  • What is Value Stream Management and why do I need it?
  • We’re already doing Agile and DevOps. Do we need value streams too?
  • What does it actually take to be able to manage your value stream?

Forrester has been doing some exciting research on how Value Stream Management can tie Agile and DevOps teams to the business and provide end-to-end visibility. We’ll discuss how value stream management allows you to measure and identify ways to further optimize your software delivery.

Oh, and the best thing about webinars? They provide me with an opportunity to try out analogies to make the concepts more fun and relatable. Sometimes, I may go too far.

So, if you’d like to hear how Value Stream Management is like Waze for your software development and delivery, join us next Thursday for our webinar featuring Forrester.

Mind the Gap Forrester Tasktop Webinar

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