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Project to Product: The Best of Mik + One Served up All Summer

Publié le By Lauren Kaye
Project to Product: The Best of Mik + One Served up All Summer

Looking for something edifying to listen to while you’re tanning on the beach, cruising on a long road trip, or mid-air on a flight on your way to finally reunite with some friends and family that you haven’t seen in a while? Look no further as we serve up some of our favorite bits from the Mik + One podcast this summer, featuring the very latest insights on how to leverage software and adapt in the digital-first world.

Depuis sa création en janvier 2020, le podcast Mik + One a accueilli certains des leaders d'opinion les plus reconnus du secteur, touchant des milliers d'auditeurs dans le monde entier. Dans chaque épisode, le Dr. Mik Kersten - fondateur et PDG deasktop et auteur du bestseller Project to Product—sits down with a host of inspiring individuals to discuss and dissect what “digital transformation” really means through candid real-life stories and learnings. 

As the podcast takes a break for the summer, now is the perfect time to take a look back on some of the best thought leadership on technology and business modernization. With over 35 episodes to choose from, Mik has handpicked a smorgasbord of insights to delight and inspire you.  

Episode 15: Adrian Cockcroft, VP of Cloud Architecture Strategy, Amazon Web Services

After Adrian Cockcroft shared his experience of leading transformations at both Netflix and Amazon, hoards of people reached out to us to let us know that they wished the conversation had kept going. In this episode, Mik and Adrian provide concrete advice on moving ahead in the digital world, covering many key discussion points including product-centred innovation, feedback loops and Flow Time. Écouter.


Episode 8: Dean Leffingwell, Co-founder and chief Methodologist, Scaled Agile

Dean Leffingwell’s contributions to the industry on building and managing enterprise software delivery, as well as effectively scaling the principles of agility to the business, are invaluable. In this episode, Mik and Dean discuss the importance of marrying technical agility with business agility, abandoning organizational hierarchies, focusing on outcome-based metrics, and more. Écouter.

Episode 20: Justin Watts, Director of Agile Change, Lloyds Banking Group

Justin Watt’s expertise in agile and lean and applying the concepts to Lloyds Banking Group is an inspiration for many. In this episode, Mik and Justin discuss redesigning software systems around flow, leading indicators to track and improve lagging measures, economies of flow, and respecting the laws of physics when accelerating flow across value streams. Écouter.

Episode 14: Heather Munoz, SVP of Development for Personal Investing Mobile & Web, Fidelity

With more than 25 years of experience in leading software development practices for financial technology organizations, Heather’s passion for helping teams deliver successful Agile and DevOps transformations is an important skill that today’s leadership teams can learn from. In this episode, Mik and Heather chat about the importance of an effective tool network, using visualization and data to deliver customer value, the characteristics of a good leader and more. Écouter.

Episode 28: Pieter Jordaan, Group Chief Technology Officer, TUI

It’s no surprise that this episode with Pieter Jordaan is the most popular one to date, providing incredible insight into TUI’s successful digital transformation to cloud and product value streams (during a pandemic!). Sharing fundamental and ground-breaking results and learnings, this episode is packed with inspirational discussions around leadership thinking, product and flow mindset. Écouter.

Episode 12: Don Reinertsen, President of Reinertsen & Associates and Author of three best-selling books on product development

Not only is Don Reinertsen one of Mik’s biggest inspirations, his profound learnings on product development has helped and inspired so many of the DevOps community and beyond. This conversation between Mik and Don went into significant depth, outlining some key concepts and sharing learnings since the publication of one of Don’s best-selling books, The Principles of Product Development Flow. Écouter.

Episode 16: Dr. Nicole Forsgren, Partner, Microsoft Research and Dr. Denae Ford Robinson, Senior Researcher, Microsoft Research

Both Nicole Forsgren and Denae Ford Robinson are brilliant researchers, inspirational thinkers and technologists who are pushing the boundaries of how we think about both the technological and cultural aspects of how software is built. In this episode, Mik, Nicole and Denae had an energetic and insightful conversation focusing on creating more diverse, inclusive and equitable teams and value streams. Écouter

Episode 31: Gene Kim, best-selling author of The Phoenix Project and The Unicorn Project, as well as co-author of The DevOps Handbook

Of course, this list would not be complete without mentioning Gene Kim, who has appeared on three episodes of the Mik + One podcast. Gene continues to share key learnings in a consumable and impactful format, and each episode is filled with some incredible insights and stories. In this episode, Mik and Gene dive deeper into the importance of Psychological safety, the properties and prerequisites of high-performing learning organizations, effective patterns that leadership can adopt to maximize flow, and more. Écouter.

Episode 34: Courtney Kissler, Chief Technology Officer, Zulily

With experience in driving technological transformations at large enterprises including Nordstrom, Starbucks, Nike and Zulily, Courtney Kissler has an incredible approach and passion for learning, and for sharing her journeys. This episode offers amazing food for thought for those struggling to make the economic, business and customer-centric cases for why investing in platforms, technologies and transformation is so key. Écouter

Episode 35, Christian Idiodi, Partner, Silicon Valley Product Group

Ending on a high, Christian Idiodi has a way with words and in this episode of Mik + One, Christian shares some fascinating insights into establishing product management disciplines at multiple levels of the organization, and why it is an important catalyst to successful transformations. Christian’s story of how he got into product management is fascinating and his experience with helping today’s executives understand how to measure value and set up organizational structures for innovation is invaluable. Écouter.

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