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Agile Israel 2019: Solving data-flow gaps and optimizing the software delivery value stream

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Agile Israel 2019: Solving data-flow gaps and optimizing the software delivery value stream

Tasktop at Agile Israel 2019

Tasktop is thrilled to be a sponsor of Agile Israel 2019, Israel’s main conference for Agile and DevOps, which takes place next week (May 21, 2019) at the Lago Event Hall in Israel.

Be sure to stop by the Tasktop booth to learn more about the power of Value Stream Integration, the backbone behind the world’s most impactful Agile and DevOps transformations and the only truly end-to-end Value Stream Management solution on the market.

The Project to Product movement lands in Israel

Attendees will also get the opportunity to see our CEO and founder, Dr. Mik Kersten, present his keynote speech ‘Project to Product: How Value Stream Networks Will Transform IT & Business’. Mik first showcased his vision at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018 in Las Vegas, which is currently the highest viewed session from the world’s leading DevOps event.

An interview with Trinity Software

Ahead of next week’s event, we spoke with Carmit Tsur – Business Development Manager at Trinity Software, Israel – about Tasktop’s partnership with the company as we work together to help customers to extract more business value from their software.

Why did you become interested in Tasktop?

For more than 10 years, we have integrated software solutions and tools in the development environments of hundreds of software groups in Israel. The question of integration has always been a significant and a sensitive one. We’ve had customers who wanted to know if a tool could be integrated even before they asked, “what about functionality”? You can have the best tool, but if it’s not integrated properly, it can become a liability rather than an improvement. So when we learned about Tasktop Integration Hub, the value was clear to us. It’s not just the dozens of integrations that solve gaps in the development lifecycle, but also – and even more critical – it’s about a central place where you can implement and manage all of your integrations.

Tell us about Trinity

Trinity is a software boutique, offering unique products and services for quality, security and productivity in software development. Established in 2008, we bring a comprehensive approach that combines extensive proficiency in all aspects of software development, and practical experience in management. We use this approach to help our customers make the most of the products and services we offer.

Can you tell us more about your vision for the partnership and joint solution?

Trinity and Tasktop partnered with a vision for a long-term relationship and close cooperation. We see Tasktop technology as innovative and extremely relevant to our client base. We think that more and more companies in Israel will choose to use Tasktop integrations to solve data-flow gaps and to optimize the software development lifecycle.

How does automation benefit Trinity customers today?

In our experience, after integration, automation is the biggest challenge for software teams. Companies of all sizes invest in DevOps for two major reasons: to save money and to speed the development. Duplications, waiting, manual updates – all of these things cost a lot of money and cause delays (here is an example: “Did you fix the bug yet? No, I’m waiting for QA to send me screenshots.”). As the development environment evolves, the complexities grow, and those data flow deficiencies and delays have a negative effect on a company’s success. Automation answers this challenge and enables companies to reach their goals.

How does Value Stream Management address market needs in Israel?

We see a lot of multi-tool development environments in Israel. Different development groups or teams use different tools. The general approach is to let teams work with the tools they like. This creates an undeniable challenge for DevOps teams – and we see advanced DevOps in Israel. But what companies in Israel are missing, and many are looking for, is the ability to see the big picture and to better govern their development environment. With so many tools/workflows/scripts, Tasktop is a great tool for DevOps. Maybe even more importantly, it is a true management platform for performance optimization.

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