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Everything You Already Thought You Knew About the Cloud (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Everything You Already Thought You Knew About the Cloud (But Were Afraid to Ask)

It often feels like we all already know everything there is to know about SaaS applications and the cloud. As if there are no more on-premises apps.

But this isn’t true. Working with our customers, I know there are good reasons why many organizations have held off transitioning to the cloud. Sometimes it’s internal, highly complex security policies; sometimes it’s tending to other fires that need to be addressed first. Sometimes, it’s simply thinking: “this is going to be a major hassle.”

Regardless, the benefits of the cloud are compelling. And since this is my area of expertise – I and my team are the ones who help our customers migrate their Planview Enterprise and Troux on-premises instances to the Planview Cloud – I feel compelled to talk about them just a bit (I promise I’ll be quick).

Moving from an on-premises software installation to the cloud gets you benefits like:

  • A lower cost of entry. Stop paying for the hardware to host your apps and for resources to manage them.. Hosting and resource costs and will drop precipitously.
  • A faster time to benefit. With SaaS, the software is already installed and configured, and you get off and running immediately.
  • New releases and security. Vendor hosting means vendors are responsible for security, and can get you on new releases and upgrades more quickly.
  • Scalability. SaaS offerings live in a scalable cloud environment that enables vendors to be more flexible with users and seats.

But real stories paint a better picture, don’t they? I’m thinking right now of one of our great Planview Enterprise customers, Zurich Insurance Group. A couple of years ago, they needed to add users more cost-effectively and increase solution performance. They did the math and realized that this was an ideal time to take advantage of what our cloud offering presented. We helped them with that migration and their results included:

  • Offloading 100% of their technical infrastructure support to us – including upgrades, migrations, and incident tickets – so they could focus on their strategic roadmap
  • A user base expanded by 36%, from 5000 to 6800
  • Performance and availability improved: all transactions responded to in <1 second
  • Reduced downtime: maintenance window reduced from four hours to <30 minutes
  • Decreased cost: 40% cut in annual run rate and a 60% cut in the total cost/user

Planview Cloud Lift Program

“Transitioning to the Planview Cloud has resulted in significant cost savings for us, and the user experience is greatly improved.” – Zurich Insurance Group

Is the cloud for every organization and every use case? Probably not. But it’s for the majority, and I’m excited to help our customers get there.

Planview has developed a program called CloudLift, which accelerates the migration, adds technical expertise, and drives a low TCO for our customers. I’m looking forward to telling you all about it in my next post, so stay tuned!

To learn more about how migrating to the cloud worked out for Zurich Insurance Group or find out more about our CloudLift program. And read my other blogs related this topic:

If you’re a Planview customer who’s ready to move your Planview Enterprise or Troux application from on-premises to the cloud, click here or contact us at to get the conversation started! The process is proven and the benefits are fantastic.

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Rob Wiltuck
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Rob is an expert in enterprise-wide strategic portfolio management and system administration across a range of industries. He has a proven track record leading client teams to identify business and technology requirements needed to implement sound portfolio management practices. Currently, Rob is managing the CloudLift implementation program and developing best practices and processes.