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Creating Capacity for Innovation [Infographic]

Published By Tim Brown
Creating Capacity for Innovation [Infographic]

Every company wants to be a leader in innovation: the brand that brings the best, most innovative products to market. Unfortunately, what we often find is that these same organizations fundamentally fail in creating capacity for innovation.

Check out the infographic to find out more about creating capacity for innovation and begin shifting your organization’s product team from innovation laggard to leader.

Want to dig deeper? Watch this Product Development Expert Session.

Opening the Innovation Flood Gates: Creating Capacity for Innovation

Creating Capacity for Innovation Infographic

PDF version of the Creating Capacity for Innovation Infographic

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Written by Tim Brown

In his role as Innovation and Product Development Demand Generation Manager, Tim Brown guides product development professionals towards tools that can help them recognize revenue and mitigate risks and costs across their development life-cycle. A graduate of the University of Texas, Tim believes passionately in the open sharing of ideas and the power of thought leadership and content in educating people on the possibilities and potentials of technology.