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Zach McDowell

Director, Product Marketing

Zach is a senior product manager for Planview PPM Pro and Planview Projectplace. He has managed teams across three continents at Planview and largely focuses on driving innovation for mid-market project management and PPM. He led one of the largest releases in Projectplace’s 20-year history and continues to grow and support its global user base.

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Which Is Better: The Waterfall vs. Agile Debate

Since organizations are constantly exploring new ways to enhance the way teams work, Waterfall vs. Agile has become one of the more popular debates. Once confined almost exclusively to software development, Agile methodologies are being used by organizations across industries as an alternative to the Waterfall method. But does being popular make Agile a better...

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Making the Switch: 4 Benefits of Kanban Project Management

Kanban project management has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years, and for good reason. Project managers thriving in today’s fast-paced professional environment have to communicate with multiple teams from different geographical locations, track their progress, and ensure that processes are moving smoothly through their workflows. To-do lists and spreadsheets don’t cut...

Work Management for Teams

7 Tips to Improve Project Productivity and Team Work

No question about it—today’s work environment can be chaotic. Not only do projects tend to pile up, but most project managers struggle to keep track of everything their team has on its plate. This gets magnified when the team is geographically dispersed or when members consist of third party vendors (like agencies). How do you...

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5 Planview Projectplace Hidden Treasures You Need to Try [Infographic]

Planview Projectplace has turned 20! That’s two decades of innovation all in the name of efficient and effective project collaboration. First, we would like to thank our thousands of global customers for joining us on this journey as their feedback and contributions play a critical role in advancing Projectplace innovation every day. Second, we would...

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New Perspectives from the The 2018 Project Collaboration Survey [Webcast]

Project collaboration is important—that’s a given. The world of work today consists largely of projects that involve teams of people, as opposed to assignments completed by individuals. However, these teams face the challenges of having to deliver on goals and deadlines while being spread out across departments and geographic locations. Though not always easy, project...

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Building a Better Product Roadmap with Planview and the Pragmatic Marketing Framework

As we continue our blog series on using the Pragmatic Marketing Framework to improve product development, we turn our sights now to product roadmaps. Before we get started, be sure to catch up on anything you missed in part 1: Supporting Product Strategy to Execution Leveraging the Pragmatic Marketing Framework, and part 2: Supporting Sales...

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Supporting Sales and Leveling the Competitive Landscape with Planview and the Pragmatic Marketing Framework

During this blog series, we’ve been examining how the Pragmatic Marketing Framework, together with Planview, helps organizations achieve a single source of truth throughout the product development lifecycle. In part 1, we introduced the framework and described how it’s used to navigate through disparate voices across our businesses and organizations to establish our bearings and...

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Supporting Product Strategy to Execution Leveraging The Pragmatic Marketing Framework

As product developers and marketers, it sometimes feels as if we’re lost in the woods without a compass, constantly changing course as we respond to requests for the latest product updates, fielding sales requests, or scheduling yet another status meeting. With so many voices across your business, it’s difficult to establish your bearings and move...

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Planview at SXSW Trade Show 2018

The city of Austin is alive for yet another SXSW 2018 festival – watch this video to learn more. The conference brings together tech gurus, innovators, artists, musicians, celebrities, and basically rock stars of all types to share the latest innovations and art while inspiring attendees.  We absolutely love the energy of SXSW which is...

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Take the Survey: Participate in the State of Project Collaboration Market Research

Regardless of where or how you work with your teams, your collective goal is to work together to get work done. As you may know, project delivery is not always easy. The cliché of doing more with less is all too real, often creating a complexity for teams and managers alike. The truth of the...