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What’s New: Connect Your Cards on the Same Board

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You can now connect interdependent work items on the same Planview AgilePlace board. This helps teams break down work so they can deliver value in smaller, faster increments — without losing sight of the bigger picture.

You can decompose your work as granularly as you need. Agile teams, for example, may use epics, stories and tasks, while other teams may use projects and subtasks. Regardless of how you structure your work, you’ll have the rollup visibility to see how smaller items tie into larger pieces of work. This makes it easier to track the overall progress of larger initiatives. It also gives team members the full context of what they’re working on.

Example Use Case: Cloud Infrastructure Project

Pam manages an IT Operations team. Their next project is building a cloud infrastructure to support the company’s new financial system. During the planning process, Pam creates a project card on the team’s Kanban board and breaks down the work into smaller task cards. She connects the cards to easily identify which work items are associated with the project.

After the project starts, Pam looks at the status information on the parent card to track progress and communicate status updates to management and stakeholders. She can instantly see if there are any issues that need resolving and drill into the details as needed.

Pam can filter the board to see how unplanned work is affecting their work in progress — and reset expectations if delays arise.

When all the work items associated with the cloud infrastructure project are connected, team members can see how their work contributes to the overall initiative and where their priorities are. As a result, they can actively work together to overcome impediments and ensure that the project is delivered on time.

Key Benefits

In a nutshell, here’s what you can gain by connecting work items on the same board:

  • The flexibility to break down work as granularly as needed, allowing teams to accurately reflect the way they structure work
  • consolidated view of connected work items, making it easier to understand how smaller tasks contribute to the overall initiative
  • Rollup visibility, helping you provide immediate status updates to managers, stakeholders and team members

Now Available

This capability is available in our Select, Advanced and Enterprise Editions.  For more information on how to connect work items in Planview AgilePlace, please visit our Knowledge Base.

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