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New Product Release: Planview Hub 21.1 – Jira, Leankit, VersionOne, Tricentis Tosca Integration

Published By Naomi Lurie
New Product Release: Planview Hub 21.1 – Jira, Leankit, VersionOne, Tricentis Tosca Integration

The latest product release from the Tasktop Value Stream Management platform—Planview Hub 21.1—is out today, making end-to-end enterprise toolchain integration even easier and impactful. New exciting features include:

  • The ability to take action on specific artifacts pairs
  • Expanding support for multiple Atlassian Jira plugins
  • Enhancements to our LeanKit, VersionOne and Tosca support

View, Synchronize, Delete, and Recreate Specific Artifact Pairs

Planview Hub synchronizes artifacts from one tool to another, creating a twinned artifact in the destination repository. Hub administrators can now locate specific artifact pairs and take action on them directly in order to troubleshoot problems faster. 

We’ve added a new “Artifact Pairs” button on the Activity screen, from which you can: 

  • Locate and view an artifact pair side-by-side, including all the fields and values mapped in Hub
  • Manually trigger the immediate synchronization of this specific artifact pair, instead of waiting for an upcoming change detection or full scan
  • Disassociate an artifact pairing (for example, to rectify an error in artifact routing) and as a result, if relevant, Hub will automatically create a new twinned artifact in the destination repository (e.g. if the twin was deleted or became read-only)

Expanded Support for Jira Plugins

The latest version of Planview Hub includes support for several Jira Plugins. 

  • Tempo Plugin

Hub supports the Account and Team fields from the Tempo plugin. (Please note that timesheet functionality is not supported.)

  • Project Specific Select Field Plugin

Hub supports custom fields via the Project Specific Select Field Plugin.

  • R4J Plugin

Hub now supports this popular plugin for requirements management. 

Improved Handling of LeanKit Cards

Great news for our Planview LeanKit users: Cards are now treated as a generic artifact. As a result, new LeanKit integrations are more flexible and easier to set up, and changing a card type will not impact an integration.

Additional Features 

  • For VersionOne ( Agility) users, Hub now supports the Groups field (typically used in artifact routing).
  • For Tricentis Tosca users, Planview Hub now supports all folder types.  

The Easiest, Most Sophisticated Toolchain Integration

Tasktop is a leader in value stream management because of its ability to provide two independent, but complementary, VSM experiences that enable you to start your journey where your need is most acute. Whether that’s visibility with Planview Viz™ to measure and analyze the flow of business value, or integration and automation with Planview Hub to accelerate that flow.

When it comes to integration and automating data flow between tools, Planview Hub is 4x faster to set up and 10x easier to maintain than any other solution, while also offering the best total cost of ownership

Request a highly personalized demo and/or have your value stream architecture mapped by one of our Value Stream Architects to see how Tasktop can help you accelerate business value delivery across your software product portfolio.

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Written by Naomi Lurie

Naomi Lurie is VP Product Marketing at Tasktop. She is passionate about making businesses successful through effective customer-centric communication. With over 15 years of B2B product management and marketing experience, she specializes in large enterprises and their digital transformations.