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Growing Ranks of Deskless Workers Drive Enterprise Mobility Shift

GP Bullhound predicts apps needed for 3 billion workers

Published By Nikki Glaser
Growing Ranks of Deskless Workers Drive Enterprise Mobility Shift

Ever wonder what you have in common with an NFL football player? Maybe more than you think if part of your workday is spent on your feet, closing deals, and problem solving with a tablet or smartphone in hand. Just like those players using sideline tablets to tweak offensive schemes, you are part of the growing ranks of “deskless” workers.

How big is this trend? Consider that technology investment bank GP Bullhound cited the rise of deskless workers in their recent 2016 Technology Predictions. They note that the swelling number of healthcare, construction, retail, transportation, and field services industry workers are driving this enterprise mobility shift. As proof, they note:

  • Google estimates that 80% of the global workforce (approximately 3 billion) is performing physical or deskless work daily. This includes those working on their feet in settings like a hospital, farm, or warehouse.
  • Research firm Gartner believes that market demand for enterprise mobile app services will grow at least five times faster than the supply of available mobile solutions from internal IT departments by the end of 2017.

With many of these workers carrying mobile phones, the apps most needed are the ones that closely resemble consumer apps and seamlessly cater to their day-to-day needs. What requirements do they have for apps that boost productivity and manage projects on the go?

Read Jason Morio’s blog on Project Lab titled: “Deskless” Workers Emerge in Enterprise Mobility Shift to learn more.

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Written by Nikki Glaser

Nikki Glaser is responsible for developing awareness and driving demand for Planview’s project collaboration software, Projectplace. Nikki has been involved in many different roles including marketing programs, events, integrated marketing and demand generation that have helped her develop into the modern marketer she is today. She graduated from Western Michigan University with a BA in Advertising.