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Innovation Management

What is Innovation Strategy?

An innovation strategy is a common innovation mission and a detailed plan that aims to create new value, for which customers are willing to pay. It includes a set of policies or behaviors geared toward achieving future organizational growth. The most innovative businesses understand that big, new ideas don’t just happen. Instead, innovations arise out...

Innovation Management

5 Tips for Developing an Innovation Framework

It’s often said that truly innovative companies don’t follow a “big bang” approach to innovation – rather, they have a strong innovation culture that continuously evolves their business. If you’re struggling to reach that goal, it can be useful to go back to basics and orient your efforts around an innovation framework. But with so many options available, how do you know which is the best framework for your company — and how...

Innovation Management

Creating an Innovation Culture

Is it possible to cultivate an innovation culture? Start-ups have an easier time of building in an innovation machine from day one. But what about established companies?  Not only is it possible, but in many sectors it’s necessary for survival. Disrupt or be disrupted, the saying goes. While there are myriad factors at play, organizations...

Innovation Management, Virtual Teams

Crowdsourcing Ideas with a Virtual Workforce

In a traditional office environment, crowdsourcing ideas can take a variety of forms. While suggestion boxes and whiteboards are the most tangible ways of gathering input, water cooler chats and drive-by desk conversations also present frequent, albeit informal, opportunities for brainstorming or vetting ideas.  But as the world responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with an abrupt shift to remote work, tangible and in-person ways of crowdsourcing employees were no longer an option — and for some organizations,...

Virtual Teams, Work Management for Teams

Online Project Management Software for Remote Teams

With remote work on the rise, choosing the right online project management software is more important than ever.   In the past, remote and distributed work was largely associated with IT and software development. These days, teams across all industries are collaborating remotely.   A staggering 73% of employers are expected to have remote workers on their team by 2028. With the demand for remote...

Innovation Management

Is Your Innovation Strategy Sustainable?

It’s no surprise that an effective innovation strategy will help your company secure a sustainable advantage over the competition. While an innovation strategy might be easy to define, the strategy alone won’t drive your efforts. To fully realize your vision, you need to have a culture within your organization that embraces innovation. But how do...

Innovation Management

Top 5 Criteria for Selecting Winning Innovation Ideas

As the leader of an innovation program, your role is about generating business value from the spark of an idea. But how can you tell which innovation ideas from your latest brainstorming session will deliver results? One way is to leverage the collective intelligence of your employees. Many of our clients use a technique known...

Innovation Management

3 Tips for Measuring the Impact of Your Innovation Platform

From aerospace to retail, every industry is impacted by disruption, whether it’s from new technologies, new customer experiences, or even new business models. Many companies have responded to these threats by reinventing themselves—often from the inside out. When the metamorphosis includes an innovation platform, leaders are typically left to determine not only how to leverage...