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Agile, sailing and a seven-foot yeti: Tasktop summer in review

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Agile, sailing and a seven-foot yeti: Tasktop summer in review

Monday was Labor Day, which marks the traditional end of the summer in the US. The kids are back in school, and nobody’s allowed to wear white anymore, or something like that. So, in keeping with these traditions, I thought I’d do my take on the classic ‘What I did this summer’ back-to-school essay prompt…but with a little help from my fellow Tasktopians.

For many of us, this was a chance to step away from our desk and enjoy the great outdoors. Bernard went paddling in the Widgeon Creek Estuary.


Kevin hiked 30K and was rewarded with this amazing view of the Milky Way.

Astral Photo

Sometimes, this was in the company of their fellow Tasktopians, like when Steffen, Michael, Martin and Christoph gathered for drinks at Lake Ammersee near Munich…


and Rob and Wesley went on a 6-day sailing voyage to Princess Louisa Inlet on the coast of British Columbia!

Rob and Wes

Others found less intense ways to enjoy the company of their fellow Tasktopians outside of the office, like Melanie conquering the rock wall at the business development team’s summer outing…


…and Laurel and Emily grabbing a picture with the seven-foot yeti at Agile 2016.


Trevor and Mara spent a day learning and presenting at Product Camp Austin.


And me? Well, I virtually joined Nicole, Betty, and Scot as well as Dave West from and Zubin Irani from cPrime to moderate our Summer of Agile webinar series.


So, that’s some of what we did this summer. Hopefully, you were able to have some adventures of your own and cross off a couple of items from our list of 10 Agile Things to Do This Summer or read one of the books on our Summer of Agile Reading List.

P.S. If any of this sounds like fun to you, head over to our careers page. We have open positions in engineering, business development and sales.

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