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A Real World Perspective: 5 Imperatives for Improving PMO Practices in Large Organizations

A Real World Perspective: 5 Imperatives for Improving PMO Practices in Large Organizations

Project management offices (PMOs) are dissolved at the rate of 30 to 50 percent per year, according to industry research. Jerry Manas, best-selling author, sat down with Michele Mills from University of Utah Health Care to discuss the different ways to prevent the extinction of the PMO by addressing these five imperatives for improving PMO practices that relieve common pain points among PMO organizations: 

  1. Floods (of resource demand)
  2. Blindness (lack of analytics)
  3. Risk Adventures (watch out for innovation projects)
  4. Crevices (bridge the gap with portfolio management)
  5. Beasts (understand the “Agile Monster”)

This webcast provides a real-world view into how the IT organization at the University of Utah Health Care, leveraging portfolio and project management, addresses these challenges and the benefits they have experienced by doing so. The webcast provides practical (and actionable) tips and tricks that project managers and PMOs can leverage to bring value to the business.

Check out the short SlideShare featuring key slides from the webcast or register to view the webcast in its entirety at:

For additional information about how the University of Utah Health Care successfully uses portfolio and resources management, visit

I’d like to hear from you. Is your IT organization faced with similar challenges? Are there others that you feel should be added to the list?

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