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Standing on Shoulders: A Leader’s Guide To Digital Transformation Wins DevOps Book of The Year

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Standing on Shoulders: A Leader’s Guide To Digital Transformation Wins DevOps Book of The Year has announced the honorees for the 2020 DevOps Dozen² Awards, with Carmen DeArdo—with co-author Jack Maher—winning DevOps Book of Year for their collaboration on Standing on Shoulders: A Leader’s Guide to Digital Transformation. We’re delighted to see Carmen follow in the footsteps of fellow Tasktopians Dominica DeGrandis (Making Work Visible) and Dr. Mik Kersten (Du projet au produit) in creating a body of work that is recognized and celebrated by the tech and business communities. 

“Jack Maher and Carmen DeArdo is the Best DevOps Books / eBook of the Year. This must-read provides leaders with practical, actionable information about the breadth of Agile, Lean and DevOps topics that are generally dealt with individually; and explains how each of these are necessary but alone are not sufficient to avoid market disruption of your business. The authors focus on how to build an employee and customer-obsessed culture with an organizational structure that drives speed and efficiency, while leveraging technology to enable speed to value that is faster, safer, better and cheaper,” writes

After a quarter of a century at Bell Labs as the company revolutionized the telecommunications market, and as a catalyst in helping Nationwide Insurance digitally transform its software delivery through Agile, DevOps and Lean practices, there are few areas of business technology that Carmen DeArdo has not galvanized - and upon which, left his unmistakable mark.

Part technical guru, part storyteller, Carmen is an award-winning public speaker and now an award-winning published author. In addition to his book, his other works include a number of IT Revolution Forum papers.

Drawing upon his vast and varied experience — including three patents in software engineering — Carmen is VSM Practice Lead at Tasktop, helping software organizations to accelerate the flow of business value through the implementation of integrated delivery pipeline and the pioneering Flow Framework®.  

On his contribution to the Flow Framework and the Du projet au produit book, Mik said, “I’ve been a big fan of Carmen’s work and perspective for many years now. Three years ago I put some scribbles on paper on my flights from Vancouver to Columbus. I was visiting Nationwide, where Carmen worked. I couldn’t wait to get his feedback on this first sketch of the Flow Framework. He was the first person I asked to review it, and unsurprisingly his feedback was invaluable as always.”

Carmen and Mik with an early version of the Flow Framework

Following the award, I spoke with Carmen about the award and the impact of the book. Hear about Carmen’s experience in the field working closely with enterprise IT customers, his current thinking around the current and future state of software delivery at scale, and the rise of value stream management (VSM) and its role in helping organizations to transform in an age of intensified digital transformation.

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Educating the Market on Value Stream Management (VSM) 

Helping You on Your Digital Journey

Pick up the Book

Grab a copy of the award-winning book to take your digital journey to the next level.

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Speak to us today about a session with Carmen, as part of The Flow Institute—the first online community for implementing value stream management (VSM) with the Flow Framework®—offers a steady guiding hand, helping you to harness the rapid feedback loops for continuous improvement that serve the tech oligopoly so well.

Members gain access to custom courses, tailored VSM workshops, c-level roundtables and exclusive content that harvests Tasktop’s deep and profound market-leading knowledge that will enable you to baseline your IT portfolios and rebalance them to adapt quickly to the increasing pace of economic and market change.

En savoir plus about how the Flow Institute can help you on your VSM journey to become a high-performing tech company sooner.


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