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A Balanced Approach to Winning and Losing

Innotas is a San Francisco-based company with its offices in the Financial District  Today, we enjoyed the celebration and the parade honoring the San Francisco Giants as the 2012 World Champions of Baseball, so it seems fitting that we draw the analogy of a sports team to the teams of IT workers throughout the business world.

As with any team’s performance, there are highs and lows and pundits on either side with plenty of opinion.  When the team is winning everyone is happy and of course the opposite occurs when things go the other way.  The importance of a balanced approach to both winning and losing is always preferred but not necessarily the case.  There were two articles that were published this week that typify both sides of the debate on the importance of IT to the business:

Computerworld: Gartner Keynote: Cisco CEO Chambers speaks out

InformationWeek: Business Users Satisfied With IT? Think Again

In the first article, John Chambers discusses the importance of the IT leadership to Cisco and the gravitas that software will play in the future growth of the company.  It’s a positive reaffirmation of the relevance of IT in today’s competitive markets.  He emphasizes collaboration, improved processes, and cross pollination of business and IT to ensure successful operations and increased productivity.  We found this article to be uplifting and completely aligned with our vision for IT.  It underscores why companies have to be thinking about a tool the enables collaboration, on-time delivery of projects, and focus on strategic initiatives, which move the business forward.   We highly encourage you to read this article.

The second article addresses customer satisfaction of IT, and it is indeed eye opening.  In the referenced survey, there are several statistics that are revealing but the one number that stands out is that only 18% of the business respondents were satisfied with IT ‘s quality, timeliness, and cost while 29% of IT believed the business was satisfied.

Our passion has always been to provide a PPM/APM tool that empowers and enables IT to become more collaborative and focused on optimizing people, time, and money.  We continue to develop and enhance our product for functionality and ease-of-use so that IT can accelerate the project time lines and move from the “cost center” nomenclature to the “value center” category that it rightfully deserves.

So many sports writers declared early on that the SF Giants had no chance against every team they faced in the playoffs and in the World Series, yet they persevered against the odds and the pundits.  They did this with the belief in themselves, their skills, the will to improve, and their desire to never quit.   We see no difference as it relates to IT.  As long as there is a will to improve and a belief in a vision, IT will always come out on top.  It is our mission and our passion to continue to provide the tools that support that vision and increase the perception that IT is a critical component to driving the business forward.

The time is now!

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