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‘Twas the Night Before the Board Meeting

‘Twas the Night Before the Board Meeting

‘Twas the night before the board meeting, and all was not well

I was nowhere near prepared, but, OH what the hell!

I’ll fudge it, I’ll lie, and I’ll make it all up.

All I’ll need is strong coffee, uh-huh, yup yup!

But wait just a minute, let’s think this through,

They need to approve my portfolio view.

I’ve been up all night, tearing out my hair

Must get through on more than a wing and a prayer

But wait! I remember what my fellow PM said

Use Innotas to manage this, and keep your hair on your head!

I sprang from my chair to see what could be done

Fingers crossed, as I sat down. It had begun

The next 4 hours flew by in a flash,

After coffee and a donut, I left in a dash

Away to the office, with my computer and a smile

My presentation complete, and I had gone the extra mile

The executives loved it, dashboards and all,

Thank goodness for Innotas, what a good call!

Now spreadsheets, and files and manual work,

Be gone forever, Innotas is my new perk!

As the board meeting ended, I heard them mutter

We’ve got our path forward, the rest in the gutter.

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Kristyn Medeiros
Written By

Kristyn is the Commercial Americas Solutions Consulting Manager at Planview. She is a PMP certified project manager with 10+ years experience in the IT industry, leading teams under adverse and changing conditions. She is experienced in business analysis, problem solving techniques, and customer focus.