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Welcome to 2018 … Make This the Year You Ditch the Annual Strategic Plan

Welcome to 2018 … Make This the Year You Ditch the Annual Strategic Plan

As you take another look at your priorities for this brave, new year, Planview CEO Greg Gilmore encourages you to step out of the confines of the annual strategic plan and step into continuous planning to truly deliver on your highest-priority commitments.

In his latest blog, Greg reminds us all that “success isn’t a straight line … survival requires continuous planning.” Continuous planning is imperative to managing all the moving parts you are responsible for … from keeping the lights on to integrating new and legacy technologies.

Planview customers, like Etihad Airways, have seen incredible results from adopting a continuous planning approach to work and resource management, including 20 percent improvement in schedule performance and accelerating time to market by four weeks.

See what Greg has to say about success in 2018 and the advantages you can gain from living more in the moment with continuous planning.


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