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Webcast Q&A Provides Insights into the Kanban Experience in Projectplace


OK, you know that Kanban boards are essentially a visual representation of the work stream – where each work task is represented by a card. The idea is to make it very easy to prioritize work and re-plan whenever needed.

But are you clear how this transparent and highly visual approach boosts engagement within the project team? During a Planview webcast on Kanban board capabilities in Projectplace, the audience asked the team some great questions and here’s the highlights…

Projectplace Kanban Board Q&A

Q:  Is it possible to reuse Kanban tasks? For example, there are several tasks we do every year.

A: It is possible to copy cards or just move them back to the planned column for reuse.

Q:  How do you determine and set the limit for the “Cards – Working on?”

A: You get to decide the work in progress limit for each column on the board. We recommend you start with two cards/tasks per person and then determine whether that works. You should test whether decreasing to one or increasing to three will affect your throughput.

Q:  Is there only one resource for each “task” (card)?

A: Yes, one person in charge and others collaborating as needed.

Q:  Is it possible to attach documents to cards?

A: Yes – you can add documents from Projectplace, Dropbox, Google Drive, or straight from your computer.

Q:  What can I do when I have more than one person for one task?

A: It is fine to collaborate on cards. This allows many people to be involved and contribute. But you can only have one person in charge. We are considering adding the concept of card contributor. This would indicate that someone who is not responsible is still expected to contribute to the work.

Q:  Is Projectplace accessible via iPhones?

A: Yes, just look for Projectplace in the app store or Google market for our mobile apps. We support both iOS and Android.

Q:  At the team level on the Kanban board, how do you know how long a task is, how long someone has been working on it, and if it is overdue?

A: You can add estimated hours and hours worked on each card. The numbers are aggregated in the plan.

Q:  Does Projectplace offer interfaces to ALM tools? Can I transfer requirements into tasks?

A: We integrate with our other software, Planview Enterprise, Troux, and Innotas. We also have an extensive API library available so you can build custom integrations for Projectplace. Another possibility is to integrate via Zapier. You can read more about integrations here:

Q:  Can cards be prioritized?

A: Yes, the priority on the board is simple. The top card is highest priority in each column and then the cards are arranged in falling priority.

Q:  Can you export all Kanban card data to an Excel spreadsheet for creating pivots/dashboards?

A: Yes – you can export a board and all its data to Excel.

Q:  If you have complex dependencies between cards, how is this planned and visualized?

A: Right now, the dependencies exist between activities in the plan. If the cards are connected to activities, the activities can have dependencies. We are considering implementing dependencies between cards in later Projectplace versions.

Q:  Could you connect an incident handling system to the Kanban board? Which systems are supported?

A: There are several integration possibilities by using either our APIs or Zapier. You can read more about integrations here:

Learn more about how Kanban boards can provide an overview of project progress across teams and projects – anytime, all the time? Check out Projectplace and how you can use Kanban boards now.

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