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Whether your company is transitioning to virtual teams due to an anticipated shift in strategy or a rapid, temporary response to an unforeseen challenge, you don’t want the change to affect the trajectory of your business. If you want to move the needle for your business during a time of transition, you must enable employees to continue to make progress against your strategic initiatives. Learn how to equip your virtual teams with the tools they need to stay on strategy and get work done in the midst of a virtual work transition.

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5 Online Project Management Trends for 2021

Once the global COVID-19 pandemic hit, many collocated organizations were forced to make the jump to remote work and online project management. This had a profound impact on the labor market, with project managers and teams having a greater responsibility to collaborate and keep an open line of communication.   Will companies return to their “normal” working environments once the pandemic is behind us? It’s...

Virtual Teams, Work Management for Teams

6 Ways to Boost Remote Collaboration

How do you manage a team separated by time zones, cultures, work methods, and personalities? Even professionally trained project managers struggle to foster remote collaboration. Technology is one answer – such as instant messaging, video conferencing, and online planning and scheduling charts – but project managers must reinforce these digital tools with a shared purpose and good management practices.   Project managers who learn to adapt their leadership and organizational skills across these different communication mediums will be more likely to lead strong, productive teams. This...

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Virtual PI Planning: Learnings and Best Practices from the Team [Videos]

In my last blog, Agile Transformation: Mid-Range Planning Videos, I shared videos from the team about Planview’s Agile transformation and PI planning journey. Like so many other businesses around the globe, we are adjusting to this new remote world.  As the business world continues to grapple with unprecedented change – it’s important to adapt to...

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Crowdsourcing Ideas with a Virtual Workforce

In a traditional office environment, crowdsourcing ideas can take a variety of forms. While suggestion boxes and whiteboards are the most tangible ways of gathering input, water cooler chats and drive-by desk conversations also present frequent, albeit informal, opportunities for brainstorming or vetting ideas.  But as the world responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with an abrupt shift to remote work, tangible and in-person ways of crowdsourcing employees were no longer an option — and for some organizations,...

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Optimizing Remote Team Productivity

The year 2020 will go down in history for many reasons, but one of the most lasting changes will likely be the rapid transformation that so many companies have made to relying on remote teams. While certain industries and companies had already been primed for this transition, others have been grappling head-on with the challenges...

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Virtual or Remote PI Planning: Frequently Asked Questions

Contributors: Jon Terry, Siraj Sirajuddin, Susan Gibson As organizations try to accommodate a fully virtual workforce, we were asked by our customers, How do I do virtual or remote PI Planning now? We know our customers aren’t the only ones asking this question, and in fact, they’re not; we are, too. We do PI Planning...

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Online Project Management Software for Remote Teams

With remote work on the rise, choosing the right online project management software is more important than ever.   In the past, remote and distributed work was largely associated with IT and software development. These days, teams across all industries are collaborating remotely.   A staggering 73% of employers are expected to have remote workers on their team by 2028. With the demand for remote...

Enterprise Agile Planning, Virtual Teams

How to do Virtual PI Planning

Just like many of you, we at Planview are trying to figure out how to do PI Planning in a world that doesn’t allow in-person interactions right now. While I understand the idea of doing virtual PI Planning is daunting, I don’t think the answer is to stop planning together. From my viewpoint, planning together is more...

Virtual Teams, Work Management for Teams

How to Connect Distributed Teams with Projectplace and Zoom

As everyone is finding themselves amid the world’s largest virtual workplace experiment, it’s more important than ever for distributed teams to stay connected. Because many organizations are no longer operating within a traditional office environment, they need to come up with new ways to ensure that work is delivered fast and with complete alignment to strategic objectives.   What makes this difficult is that organizations often have an excessive number of tools that different teams use to communicate work information. Video conferencing, email, chat, and other applications make effective collaboration difficult when these tools are used outside of the context where the work actually happens.   The...

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Crowdsourcing Software: Driving Virtual Workplace Engagement

Researchers today anticipate a dramatic increase in employees working from home starting in the next two years — a trend that will likely accelerate given recent global events. With the shift towards remote work comes the need for organizations to engage their employees in different ways. A variety of tools, such as video conferencing, communications, and crowdsourcing software, exist to address...