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A Pocket Full of Nuggets from ProductCamp Austin

It was an impressive turnout at ProductCamp Austin (PCA) this weekend. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Close to 700 people registered for the un-conference
  • More than 500 people actually showed up… on a SATURDAY (that is dedication!)
  • Roughly 50 sessions were offered up for voting by campers on a variety of topics
  • A total of 35 sessions were delivered
  • And the winning presentation was: “How to be a Product Marketing Genius, Ninja, Guru Rock Star, Wizard

While it didn’t win best presentation, the session that put the most nuggets in my pocket to take back to the office was by David H. Friedman titled: “What Engineers Wish Product Managers Knew.” I always knew there was a fundamental difference between my brain and that of my favorite Development Manager, but this presentation spelled it out for me in black and white: they are right-brain thinkers and I am a left-brain thinker. We are wired in completely different ways! Dr. Friedman spelled out for me where Engineers excel, where they struggle, what motivates them, and how I can successfully work with them. I feel like I’ve received the keys to the kingdom! With this knowledge, my product is going to take off and smoke the competition! Intrigued? Check out his presentation and blog at his website.

There were other great sessions that were offered, but with only 5 available slots, I know I missed some good stuff. Luckily, PCA takes advantage of technology in every aspect and all presentations from the day can be viewed at the ProductCamp Austin website.

Already looking forward to the next two PCA events:

  • January 15, 2011
  • August 6, 2011

If you need an energy boost, I highly recommend you plan to attend!

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Carrie Nauyalis
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Carrie Nauyalis brings her passion, experience, and thought leadership in the product portfolio management industry to her current role as Executive in Residence at Planview. As an EIR, Carrie is collaborating on market research and sharing best practices with Planview prospects and customers. She is an active speaker, MBA guest lecturer, blogger, and vlogger on all things PPM, with warm places in her heart for innovation, calculating ROI, and agile. Carrie spent 19 years with Planview in various positions, including global consulting, product management, and as the solution evangelist for innovation and new product development. Prior to Planview, Carrie held multiple systems engineering positions with Emerson Process. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Truman State.