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Innovation Management

Disruption is all around but today's innovative organizations leverage the power of the crowd to set themselves apart. The innovation management blog dives into topics like employee engagement, crowdsourcing, and how to get those concepts from idea to the market. Get insights related to concept development, creating winning challenges, and best practices for engaging your audience to enable your organization to crowdsource breakthrough ideas from the employees, partners, and customers that know their business best. Discover how to prioritize and track all ideas in your pipeline, from original conception to delivery -- in new products and services, improved processes, and enhanced customer experience. You will also find real-world stories, industry research, and more.

Innovation Management

Creating an Innovation Culture

Is it possible to cultivate an innovation culture? Start-ups have an easier time of building in an innovation machine from day one. But what about established companies?  Not only is it possible, but in many sectors it’s necessary for survival. Disrupt or be disrupted, the saying goes. While there are myriad factors at play, organizations...

Innovation Management

Planview Horizons: Recognizing Forward-looking Industry Leaders Transforming Strategy to Delivery in the Changing World of Work

Nationwide Building Society, Corning, DHL, Fresenius Medical Care, TIAA, T-Mobile and Thermo Fisher Scientific receive Planview Vision Awards. Each year we have the privilege of hosting our customers at the Planview Horizons Customer Conference. For our 23rd annual event, running from Sept. 15 -16, 2020, more than 1,100 attendees will come together virtually to connect,...

Innovation Management, Products

Planview Spigit Launches Microsoft Power BI Analytics

Demonstrating the value of your crowdsourcing program is fundamental to creating, growing, and ultimately sustaining engagement, as well as securing funding. Across the innovation funnel, you can measure the ROI of your program through a variety of metrics, ranging from employee engagement to revenue to cost savings of ideas implemented. It’s important that you have...

Innovation Management

Diversity and Innovation: 5 Tips for Crowdsourcing Tough Topics

As an innovation leader you’re on the forefront of diversity and innovation in your organization. You understand how important crowd diversity is — and that crowdsourcing your employees for ideas can boost employee engagement, company culture, and business results. This blog is about how you can use crowdsourcing in different ways to help address today’s...

Innovation Management, Virtual Teams

Crowdsourcing Ideas with a Virtual Workforce

In a traditional office environment, crowdsourcing ideas can take a variety of forms. While suggestion boxes and whiteboards are the most tangible ways of gathering input, water cooler chats and drive-by desk conversations also present frequent, albeit informal, opportunities for brainstorming or vetting ideas.  But as the world responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with an abrupt shift to remote work, tangible and in-person ways of crowdsourcing employees were no longer an option — and for some organizations,...

Innovation Management, Virtual Teams

Crowdsourcing Software: Driving Virtual Workplace Engagement

Researchers today anticipate a dramatic increase in employees working from home starting in the next two years — a trend that will likely accelerate given recent global events. With the shift towards remote work comes the need for organizations to engage their employees in different ways. A variety of tools, such as video conferencing, communications, and crowdsourcing software, exist to address...

Innovation Management

Is Your Innovation Strategy Sustainable?

It’s no surprise that an effective innovation strategy will help your company secure a sustainable advantage over the competition. While an innovation strategy might be easy to define, the strategy alone won’t drive your efforts. To fully realize your vision, you need to have a culture within your organization that embraces innovation. But how do...

Innovation Management

3 Ways to Cultivate Employee Engagement through Crowdsourcing

Are the benefits of employee crowdsourcing in large organizations a myth, or is crowdsourcing a sound strategy to invest in? Does crowdsourcing for ideas to improve one’s business lead to employee engagement, or is it a waste of time? Based on the results demonstrated at Rogers and TELUS – two of the largest telecom operators...

Innovation Management

Top 5 Criteria for Selecting Winning Innovation Ideas

As the leader of an innovation program, your role is about generating business value from the spark of an idea. But how can you tell which innovation ideas from your latest brainstorming session will deliver results? One way is to leverage the collective intelligence of your employees. Many of our clients use a technique known...

Innovation Management

How Premera Blue Cross Uses Innovation Software to Drive Employee Engagement

When Premera Blue Cross needed a way to attract new customers and retain existing ones, they didn’t turn to a team of expert consultants or research firms. Instead, they went to the people closest to their customers – their employees. But Premera lacked the innovation software it needed to help gather those ideas and collaborate...