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Enterprise Architecture

Today's organizations require a well-defined enterprise architecture (EA) practice for conducting enterprise analysis, design, planning, and implementation for the successful development and execution of strategy. The Enterprise Architecture blog category dives into principles and practices that help guide organizations through the business, information, process, and technology changes necessary to execute their strategies. Read our best practices on how to better communicate and drive business transformation. Get information on aligning your capabilities to company strategy. Get insights from experts and step-by-step advice on fostering successful change management to encourage business-centric conversations about technology. You’ll also get tips to translate business strategy into IT strategy, ensuring you can be more collaborative in helping the business make smarter decisions.

Enterprise Architecture

Nine Tips for Continuous Application Portfolio Management Improvement

Dramatic short-term cost reductions is usually what comes to mind when discussing Application Portfolio Management (APM). Yes, APM is about pinpointing which applications you need, which ones you don’t, and how to safely remove redundant applications. But what if a well-executed APM program could still deliver incremental value while paving the way for longer-term benefits?...

Enterprise Architecture

Achieving Best-in-Class Technology Portfolio Management

Invest, divest, and standardize – these are common themes when it comes to Technology Portfolio Management (TPM). While TPM is all about enabling the business to change as fast and often as possible, it can be difficult to measure the ROI of technology standardization and governing projects. In fact, successful technology portfolio programs are moving...

Enterprise Architecture

Focus on Business, Not Technology

Technology Portfolio Management (TPM) has traditionally focused on reducing the cost and risk of IT through technology standardization and governing projects that alter the IT landscape. We have noticed a maturing trend as TPM moves beyond these fundamental tasks. While there are many factors contributing to this, there are three noteworthy themes we see fairly...

Enterprise Architecture

Letting the Business Drive Your Enterprise Architecture

It’s not easy explaining the value of enterprise architecture (EA) to the business – sometimes you feel like you’re speaking two different languages. One way to communicate the advantages of EA is through business capability maps. Capability maps allow you to put business needs in the driver’s seat and show how EA aligns to the...

Enterprise Architecture

How to Let Business Needs Drive Your Enterprise Architecture

In preparation for our webinar with Forrester Research, How to Let Business Needs Drive Your Enterprise Architecture, I was reading a report about letting business needs drive your enterprise architecture practice. The key takeaway that resonated with me the most was that EA should be strategic and one way to do this is by using...

Enterprise Architecture, Project Portfolio Management

Reinventing the Strategy and Business of IT

Today’s IT organizations encompass a wide range of functions spanning traditional IT operations, infrastructure, application development, security – the classic IT functions that we all know. These functions are almost always complemented by several important organizations that are chartered with strategic and business management – the PMO, a technology team, often enterprise architects, and even...

Enterprise Architecture

Recharting Course: Enterprise Intelligence Can Be Your Business Compass

Recently, we’ve been frequently talking about enterprise trends under the lens of “today’s day and age” or “today’s business environment.” It’s as competitive a landscape as we’ve ever seen out there, and more and more companies are having to get innovative about how they diversify, extend and grow their businesses. This has led to companies...

Enterprise Architecture

Architects, It’s Your Time

For decades, CIOs have been fighting for a seat at the executive table. Fighting to be heard, fighting to be a trusted advisor to the CEO, fighting to be regarded as a true C-level participant. It hasn’t been until the last few years that cybersecurity breaches , the sprint toward business digitization, the emphasis on...

Enterprise Architecture

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Every year, right around this time, a buzz zips through the enterprise architecture community when InfoWorld, Forrester Research and the Penn State University Center for Enterprise Architecture open their collective call for entries for the Enterprise Architecture Awards (a program now in its sixth year). Enterprise architects and business leaders alike snap to attention and...

Enterprise Architecture

What’s Your EA End Game? Tales From TWC 2015

A couple weeks ago we held our annual Troux Worldwide Conference, inviting customers and partners from across the country and even the world to meet us in our hometown of Austin, TX. We hosted customers from healthcare to banking, from public sector to consumer packaged goods. Aside from the compelling conversation, fantastic food and inspiring...