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Enterprise Architecture

Today's organizations require a well-defined enterprise architecture (EA) practice for conducting enterprise analysis, design, planning, and implementation for the successful development and execution of strategy. The Enterprise Architecture blog category dives into principles and practices that help guide organizations through the business, information, process, and technology changes necessary to execute their strategies. Read our best practices on how to better communicate and drive business transformation. Get information on aligning your capabilities to company strategy. Get insights from experts and step-by-step advice on fostering successful change management to encourage business-centric conversations about technology. You’ll also get tips to translate business strategy into IT strategy, ensuring you can be more collaborative in helping the business make smarter decisions.

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3 Steps to Unlock the Treasure Trove of Work and Resource Management

You don’t have to be a pirate to find hidden treasure—although it may give you the upper hand. With the right information, anyone can become the hero or heroine to unlock secrets to success—in this case, secrets to work and resource management. While the benefits of work and resource management are (not-so-hidden) jewels, there is...

Enterprise Architecture

What Every CIO Wants to Know About Enterprise Architecture – But Is Too Afraid to Ask

The relationship between enterprise architecture and the CIO has always been difficult. Depending on the background of the CIO, they typically either throw up their hands in horror or relegate the enterprise architecture team to focusing on IT architecture. Usually it is not because they don’t understand the value of enterprise architecture, but because they...

Enterprise Architecture

A Gift for the Enterprise Architect in All of Us

Think about your holiday shopping list. You know, that list of all the people you want to buy gifts for. I’ll bet it contains the name of each person, along with the names of all their perfect gifts. If you’re really savvy, you may even have stores listed, coupons, dates for sales or shipping discounts,...

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture at Work: Real-World Use Cases

What’s the number one challenge of more than 70 percent of CEOs? It’s “the rapid pace of technology change” according to the 2017 Fortune 500 CEO survey. Also, nearly 90 percent of the executives surveyed for the Accenture Technology Vision 2017 report said that their organizations “must innovate at an increasingly rapid pace just to...

Enterprise Architecture

Three Ways Enterprise Architects Can Engage the Business

In today’s highly complex business landscape, enterprise architects must show business leaders how they can leverage technology to achieve business objectives. Clearly, the pressure cooker of digital transformation is a great opportunity for these “smartest guys in the corner” to shine. The problem is that enterprise architects have a lot of expertise and value but...

Enterprise Architecture

Establishing an Enterprise Architecture-to-Business Communication Framework [Infographic]

While traditional frameworks are great for enterprise architects, they aren’t getting the job done for the business. When enterprise architecture training is focused on modeling—rather than communication—it makes it difficult to work effectively with key business stakeholders and decision makers. If enterprise architects want to elevate themselves to key advisers to the business, they will...

Enterprise Architecture

Building the Business Case for Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture in and of itself has no real value. The value of enterprise architecture is in supporting and enabling the business activities of an organization. This may seem obvious but, over the years I have seen countless enterprise architects fail to get budget for their initiatives or tools. In some cases, teams are disbanded...

Enterprise Architecture, Vision and Trends

The Growing Role of Enterprise Architects

A recent analysis by Planview found that today’s enterprise architects (EA) must not only be technical but also be strategic. The team looked at a random set of 100 job postings at different companies and identified the most common hiring characteristics employers are looking for in candidates. According to Jeff Ellerbee, solutions marketing manager at...

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architects Must Contribute to the Strategic Plan

When enterprise architects focus on application and technology direction, they tend to keep business strategy front and center. The downside? It doesn’t end up driving significant business change. While these efforts can alter the technology landscape, it fails to translate strategy into the right investments or create real transformation across the enterprise. Why not embrace...